Every day the Wesley Center lobby is filled with people looking for work. More than half of the people we assist on a daily basis have been unable to get a job because of their criminal record. Although they have done their time, made restitution and, in many cases, acquired their GED, a degree or skilled trade while incarcerated, it is very difficult for them to get any job, much less a decent paying job to support themselves and their families, for those who have them. While we have been somewhat successful in overcoming this barrier by building key relationships with employers, more needs to be done at a national level to make it easier to transition people back to work.

Therefore I am pleased to see President Obama’s most recent efforts are in alignment with this goal. We applaud his work in moving this issue to the forefront to help returning citizens get back into the workforce and to establish themselves as productive citizens in society. Read more about this issue here…

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