Dayton Cooks


Do you have dreams of being on the popular cooking show like “Hell’s Kitchen”?

You’ve watched “The Next Food Network Star” and said to yourself, “That’s me, I can do that!”

Do you sit at home or set your DVR to watch and record “The Chew” or “Top Chef” not missing an episode to fill your passion or desire to learn how to be a better cook?

Do you take recipes and make the dish with your own spin and touches having your family and friends wondering and questioning why you don’t have a catering business or haven’t opened up your own café, restaurant and kitchen?

Ever picked up a cookbook by Rachael Ray and read it from cover to cover?

Have you ever made awesome mouth-watering cakes, cupcakes and bakery sweets with an aesthetic or decorative eye and crafty hand? Or your creations fell flat desiring to learn to do it better?

Are you residing with or give Homecare to someone that requires a healthy, special or restrictive food diet? Hiring a Dietician wouldn’t be financially feasible for you and you may need to prepare the meals yourself.

Well, you have to start somewhere! The DAYTON COOKS program will let you know if you’ve got aspiration to start, be in the process and progress to finish your dream. Without any financial obligation and stress to get your confirmation – I’m a Chef or Cook in the making!

We can’t/don’t guarantee or promise you success in getting a job. No training or schooling can or will. You will be responsible for your own state, completion and success. We have the


Those interested in registering for the Free 10-week training program, get in touch with Robert Alexander at

Job Search and Readiness

IMG_2877Our Job Search and Job Readiness Program is offered Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in partnership with Goodwill and East End Community is a workforce development program supported by Montgomery County Jobs and Family Services. Our strategic techniques assist clients in obtaining meaningful, permanent, and self-sufficient employment utilizing a well-defined employability assessment, provide interdepartmental work experience opportunities in a variety of job skills, and provide keys for successful job search, job referrals, and job replacement services.

Ultimately, to encourage empowerment and to strengthen families in an ever changing social, political and economic environment.

West Dayton Services Network (WSDN)

The West Dayton Services Network Program provides services to strengthen families and break the cycle of poverty.

Offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, it provides individuals an opportunity to gain employment, develop new work skills, and achieve economic stability through one-on-one case management services and access to our food and clothing closet to meet immediate needs.

Services Offered

Our one-on-one case management assists clients in obtaining employment, enrolling in a post-secondary degree or skill based certification program or securing a GED at our on-site program in partnership with Miami Valley CTC.

As the clients work on building their employability, we connect them to community services to maintain family and financial stability. Those include, but are not limited to services for:

  • Food and clothing assistance
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Medical and dental

Our goal ultimately is to encourage empowerment and to strengthen families.


To participate in this program, you must be:

  • 18 or older
  • A resident of Montgomery County
  • Willing to work with a case manager to develop an employment goal plan
  • Have a desire to work towards those goals to achieve financial success for yourself and/or your family

Call Chico Pye at (937) 263-3663 x211 or Aisha Pitts at x212 to schedule your appointment today.