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The Power of the Bag

This plain plastic bag you see on to the left is a staple at the Wesley Center. People use it to carry out their groceries from the food pantry. Seniors use it to take home items they won in bingo, home supplies or information they learned while eating lunch. Afterschool students take home projects and other goodies.

For many people, this simple bag holds the world. However, without your support there would be no Wesley Center; thus, no bags.

The Wesley Community Center serves as a place for people to get what they need to feed their families, for youth to come to after school and for seniors to socialize. With access to wrap around services, we are helping families create better lives for themselves. Even when all they need to be successful can fit into a bag!

As a supporter of the Wesley Community Center, I want you to know that it is not always the biggest things that make the biggest difference. Sometimes something as simple as a paper bag is all one needs to carry the ingredients, to make the meal that could feed thousands.

With that said, we are asking you to consider a gift of $100, $25, $50 or even $ 10 to support the costs associated with operating the Wesley Center including paying for the bags and the food in our food pantry. It also fills in the financial gaps for our other programs. Would you consider such a gift today?

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Giving To Wesley Community Center

One plants. One waters. God gives the increase!

One Plants.

In 1966 The Methodist Mission Society planted a seed in Dayton, Ohio. The Society named its seed the Wesley Center and brought volunteers and staff to work the ground. It was the beginning of hope in a struggling neighborhood. The expectation was that this Center would save someone from the edge of despair. It would save their life. And it has!

One Waters.

For nearly 50 years, Wesley Center has been a seed that has grown into a community organization that saves families from hopelessness. It meets the immediate needs of food and clothing while providing other services to access employment, housing and transportation. It lifts families from poverty.
Your contribution waters the ground that allows the Wesley Center to provide food, clothing and social services that make and continues to make the difference for countless families. You water. You save lives.

God Gives The Increase.

Hundreds of moms (and dads) with kids in tow use our pantry, clothing room, after school programming and job readiness training. We are the gap that makes the difference between hope and despair. With your support, we are saving lives. We are reaping a harvest and we don’t want it to end.

As we keep planting, we ask you to keep watering the ground with your gift!

Just Give

As a registered 501c3 non-profit organization donations to Wesley Community Center are tax deductible. We meet all the charitable standards established by the Better Business Bureau, and work hard to keep our Agency running cost effective.